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The DBot project had been developed during my internship at Aalto University. With my colleague and friend Alvari, we built a multipurpose robot that could be used for navigating the CERN LHC for maintenance purposes and performing autonomous delivery. This has been an exciting learning experience where I had strengthened my programming skills (Python and C++), IT skills (ROS, Docker, basics of bash scripting) and applied the knowledge acquired by studying AMR (EKF sensor fusion, SLAM).

Here is a brief presentation showing DBot! You can see it at this link from mobile.

Perception stack

We built the perception stack: RGB-D camera, 2D lidar, sonar range sensors, and integrated within ROS running in a Docker Container.

Lot of development and testing!

Testing out the odometry we achieved after performing sensor fusion using EKF with IMU, wheel encoders and GPS.


Night session in the finnish summer... yes, the picture was taken at 10 pm!

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